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Diary of a Mistress by Miasha

The review on the back of the book states:  What should a wife believe?  The words of her husband or the diary of his mistress?  WOW.

This book was a fast read.  It kept my attention and had me guessing in the beginning.
Then it started to become predictable.  People don’t communicate, when that happens…  Why couldn’t Monica ask her husband about the diary?  Okay, I know –there wouldn’t be a book.
Kathy Dixon
Daddy by Default by Pat Tucker

I was not shocked by some of the things that happened in this book. What I was shocked about was the relationships in the book: trust level between husband and wife and how delicate friendship ties can be. I have seen the results of daddy by default and it is not always a pretty picture.

I wanted more from this group of individuals. I wanted more from the author. I had a lot of why questions which made the book a little unbelievable to me. Why did it take so long to start investigating? Why did why mistrust husband so much? Why did the justice system take the position taken with all the evidence?

This book was an easy read and had some good ups and downs. Although I wanted answers to my questions, I would recommend this book.

Kathy Dixon

Who Said It Would Be Easy? by Cheryl Faye

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It held my interest from the beginning to the end because of the characters, their growing love and commitment to each other, their faith and belief in God. This book was refreshing in that it was not all about sex but about relationships that they were willing to build. That finding true love and ones soul mate is possible if you are truly willing to find them when allowing God to take the lead.
The main characters belief in God was tested but with the great love and foundation that they built they still held onto their faith and love.
Abby Thomas

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