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I Left My Back Door Open by April Sinclair

Rating:  ☆☆☆☆

An unexpected read dealing with personal, family and friends realities. Story line is a side bar to the reality of a well disguised easy read self help book. Excellent and insightful read for the sensitive and self-analyzing ones.

Janet Peterson

The Old Man in the Club

Rating: ☆☆☆

I gradually started losing interest in the book around the 3rd chapter, leaving me very unimpressed with this book but I had to continue reading it because it was my book selection. But it wasn't a good choice.

In the beginning the book started out very interesting and made me want to read more when Elliott was in the club and his bladder was full and he needed to urinate. But he kept right on dancing to the point of urgency that he eventually did not make it urinating on himself. It then became further ridiculous when he didn't end his evening upon returning to the table with wet underwear, LOL. Oh how vain he was just to impress a much YOUNGER woman. Elliot was one of those typical old men who think that age truly is nothing but a number and refuse to act his age. One who wanted to recapture what he lost when he was in prison. An older man can still have fun without dating women their daughter age.

Abby Thomas

Grind City by Gary Hardwick

Rating:  ☆☆☆☆

When I opened this book I did not think I was going to be entertained. The title did not make me want to read the book. BOY WAS I WRONG. I enjoyed this book. It was short, an easy read, and entertaining.

Of course my favorite character is Detective Cavanaugh. I know it was not his love of black women. It was his observation of people. Throughout the book he read people and 9 times out of 10 his reading was correct.  I was able to pick out the Who Done It. But I had no clue why…until. Crazy right.

I loved the way the plot of this book surrounded Ivory’s death. Gary took you on twists and turns and just when you thought you knew who…bam, you were on another hunt.

This book was also funny with the antics of the reverend and other characters. Some of these characters felt they were above the law and moral values. Karma will get you every time.

Kathy Dixon

Lawful Deception by Pamela Samuels Young

Rating:  ☆☆☆☆☆

The over-the-top baby mamma drama made this an engaging quick read.  The character names and personalities were amusing, and portions of this storyline are so outrageous it is hard to believe this stuff really does happen in real life.  I did figure out who the killer was early in the story but wanted to see how the author developed the storyline before revealing the killer and I was neither surprised nor disappointed.  A good sleuth will notice the subtle clues.  The sub-storyline with Special and Darius was interesting and thought provoking.  Overall, I thought this book was an entertaining read.  Pamela is a great storyteller, kudos to her!

Sharon Hollis

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